ENSIGNS ARMORIAL :, THEREFORE, the Lord Lyon King of Arms, for aught yet seen (Primo) MAINTAINS, RATIFIES and CONFIRMS unto the Petitioner and his heirs male, Chief of the Name and Arms of MacDonald of Keppoch and of the Honourable Clanranald, Mac'ic Raonuill, the following Ensigns Armorial, videlicet:- Quarterly, 1st, Or, a lion rampant Gules armed and langued Azure, 2nd, Argent, a dexter hand Gules holding a cross crosslet fitchée Sable, 3rd, Argent, a lymphad sails unfurled and oars in action Sable flagged Gules, 4th, Azure, a salmon naiant Proper. Above the Shield is placed an Helm befitting his degree with a Mantling Gules doubled Or 6 7 , and on a Wreath of the Liveries is set for Crest an eagle displayed Gules crowned of a ducal coronet Or, and in an Escrol over the same this Motto "AIR MUIR 'S TIR" and in another Escrol below the same this Motto "DIA 'S NAOMH AINDREA"; and on a compartment below the Shield comprising a rock Proper charged with the outline of a footprint are set for Supporters two wild boars Azure armed Argent langued Gules crined Or, each holding a Lochaber axe, its head facing outwards, Proper the cutting edge Sanguinée; and for his Standard three and a half metres long having Azure a St. Andrew's Cross Argent in the hoist of two tracts Gules and Or with his Crest depicted once and the slogan "DIA 'S NAOMH AINDREA" in letters Sable in the fly; and for his Pinsel 135 centimetres long and 60 centimetres high Gules, bearing the foresaid Crest within a strap of leather Gules buckled and embellished Argent inscribed with the Motto "AIR MUIR 'S AIR TIR" in letters also Argent all within a circlet of the Last, fimbriated Azure, bearing his title "MAC'IC RAONUILL" in letters Gules and in the fly, surmounted of a sprig of white heather Proper, being the proper plant-Badge of Clanranald of Lochaber, the slogan "DIA 'S NAOMH AINDREA" in letters Sable, and (Secundo) GRANTS WARRANT to the Lyon Clerk to matriculate the foresaid Ensigns Armorial in the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland.

NB. The use of the wild boar symbol, is the ancient Celtic Gael symbol of both war and kingly, derived from the Sun ( masculine ). It is also symbolic and directly associated with the Dunadd Boar Stone in Dalriata, the ancient crowning stone of the first Kings of Scots up to Kenneth MacAlpine. The twin boars are standing on the Boar Stone each hold a lochaber axe sanguine ( bloodied ).The footprint on the stone is where the king placed his barefoot while being inaugurated, and is shown on the stone beside the boar's foot.The king wore a white gown to signify purity of spirit. On his head was placed the Scottish gold crown. He held the sword of state in one hand, and held the septre in the other hand, signifying the right to rule over his people.
Memorial Appeal

Principal Cadet Familes

  Bohuntine   Dalchosnie   Murlagan  
  Tulloch   Cranachan   Achnancoichean  
  Gellovie   Tullochrom   Clianaig  
  Aberarder   Fersit   Tirnadris  
  Killiechonate   Inch   Inverroy  

Principal Septs

  MacDonell   MacGilp   MacKillop  
  MacGillivantic   MacGlasrich   MacMichie  
  MacPhilip   Michie   Philp  
  MacRonald   Michieson   Rainnie  
  Mechie   Philip   Rennie  
  Meekison   Philipson   Ronald  
  Reynolds   Reynoldson   Ronaldson  
  Mekie   Phillip   Ranald  
  Michael   Phillips   Ranaldson  
  MacKerrachar   Burke   Boyle  
  Kelly   Kennedy   MacBride  
  O'Donnell   Doyle   Drake ( Kaczorowski  

NB : The surnames MacBride, O'Donnell, Doyle and Drake (originally Polish ' Kaczorowski)
are new septs of Clan Ranald of Lochaber by Marriage to your Chief.

NB : Over the long period of our clan's history from 1380 to the present time, there have been many intermarriages into our blood-line. They are far too numerous to attempt to trace them all today. But those who can trace their connection to our blood-line through marriage, can if they desire, become septs of our clan. And of course all those who know they are Keppoch MacDonalds or septs, can continue to be part of the whole of our clan.

You cannot always identify a clan's person by their surname. MacDonald or MacDonnell does not automatically mean you are a member of the Honourable Clan Ranald of Lochaber. But the new world-wide organisation will be initiated by the Chief and his Council of Chieftains now appointed legally. Commissioners will be appointed to delegate responsibility for branches overseas. My cousin Dr Jon G MacLennan is our Clan Seanneachaidh.. He is well qualified for such an important rank for our Clan. He has had ample experience in organizing the Clan MacLennan, and knows the pitfalls to avoid. Currently he is petitioning the Court of the Lord Lyon in respect of the chiefship of the clan MacLennan of Glen Eilg in Ross-Shire. We are most fortunate to have him in our Clan. He is a tower of strength and wisdom on Clan structure and culture.

At this point in time I have appointed no less than 10 Chieftains to cover most, if not all aspects of Clan matters and activity. This postion is legal and hereditary and only the Chief of the clan can appoint Chieftains. There are literally tens of thousands of MacDonalds of Keppoch scattered throughout the world, cadets and septs, many of whom are domiciled in North America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, and many other European countries. We will alert them through out world wide web, and they can make contact with each other once again, to celebrate the resurrection of their beloved Clan Ranald of Lochaber. After all, a Clan is a Family. To resurrect a family is almost incredible today. We are a pretty big family!

* Dr MacLennan has published several books on the origins of his clan. The most recent one is titled "The History and Traditions of the MacLennans of Kintail" ISBN 1 85821 3134, Price £10 plus postage and packing.

For details of your tartan you can enquire through our web site when it is fully developed which will be very soon. The most popular Keppoch tartan is the Ancient. This is the tartan you can see as the website's background image.

And if you need professional advice on your family genealogy. you will be able to seek guidance on our web site once it has been fully developed. You will be able to obtain expert advice to point you in the right direction.. All in all, a worth while service to clans people globally.


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